We are working on our summer and 2021/22 school year class schedule. 

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We keep class sizes small to ensure active learning. Please let us know which classes you are interested in and you will be contacted first when class list is posted!

Have Fun and Make Friends!

These classes are perfect for kids and teens interested in being creative while learning a new life skill. In our filmmaking, acting and improv classes, the students will learn skills that can be carried with them into future professions and long term hobbies. Our classes are both fun and educational. We dive into the world of filmmaking with hands on training. The intro to filmmaking classes will make several short films over the course of the session. While the acting classes will get the chance to audition and act in those films. Our Improv students will get the chance to do a live improv performance for parents and friends at the end of the seesion! 



Filmmaking (12+)  This will introduce teens to the exciting world of Filmmaking. This fun and fast paced class provides hands on training as we explore all aspects of filmmaking at a beginners level from pre production to post production. Students will write scripts, storyboard, film and edit their movies. During this process all students will learn about, and rotate through all roles of the cast and crew, including how to operate the camera, audio, and lighting equipment while making their films. This class will also cover the basics of set design, props, wardrobe, hair and makeup.

Acting on Camera Teens 14+ This class will introduce acting techniques through acting exercises, monologues, and scene study, cold reading and on camera acting. Students in this class will get the opportunity to audition for films made by our filmmaking class and apply the acting skills they have learned. Through the practice of these skills, students will also learn to trust their instincts while using their imagination and creativity.

Intro to Acting(8-10)(11-13) This class will introduce acting techniques through beginning acting exercises.  Through the practice of acting skills and use of emotions, students will also learn to trust their instincts while using their imagination and creativity.

Intro to Improv (8-10)(11-13)(14+): This class is all about having fun while increasing your creativity, communication and comedic skills. You will learn the basics of improv and then grow your skills through exciting fast paced group and individual improv games. 

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